An ISO 9001 - 2008 Crematorium Engineering Company.


Our Crematorium with Biomass Gasifier consists of:

Biomass Gasifier – The renewable energy machine.

Moveable trolley

Wood Cutting machine

Cremation Furnace

Gas Cleaning System with Venturi Scrubber

Effluent Treatment Plant

100 Feet Chimney

Other necessary ancillaries.

Cremation Process in our Crematorium:

About 4 inches length of cut woods (biomass the renewable energy) are being put into the hopper of the biomass gasifier which then fired with a limited oxygen and a technology by which the producer gas is being generated. The producer gas sends to the cremation furnace through pipe and lid to generate the fire energy to incinerate the body between the temperatures 850 degree and1100 degree.

After the rituals the body is kept in a moveable trolley which places the body in the cremation platform in cremation furnace. The cremation furnace door would then keep closed.

The body,would incinerate in the primary and in the secondary chamber in the Crematorium between the temperature 850 and 1100 degree and the cremation get completed in about 60 to 90 minutes maximum depend upon the body size and other biological reasons.

Gas Cleaning System is also equipped with venture scrubber in our Crematorium. The hazardous gas and other substances are piped out from cremation chamber and cleaned by venturi scrubber with water treatment and finally the hot air is being discharged into the 100 feet height chimney. ETP system in our Crematorium takes care of treated water.

Our Crematorium system has the ash collection system to collect ash and remains for further customs.

Features of Biomass Gasifier Crematorium:

Biomass Gasifier is non conventional energy equipment, safe and eco                 friendly.

Biomass Gasifier is easy to operate and need less maintenance.

Wood – the renewable energy is the fuel for Biomass Gasifier.